So, hands up everyone who thought that Parasailing was an "extreme sport" like sky diving or paragliding? Well as you can see from the video taken on the beautiful Lake Havasu, Parasailing is quite the opposite.
Watch the video and give us a call. You too can experience Lake Havasu from 500 feet.


If you can sit, you can fly!

Soar 500 feet above the sparkling waters of Lake Havasu.  See the entire city and amazing panoramic views while you float in the breeze. Our custom built boat will glide you past endless sights of Lake Havasu that can only be seen from the air.  With gentle take offs and landings on the boat you will find Parasailing in Lake Havasu to be an exhilarating yet safe way to have your amazing AIR adventure.

Parasailing has long been the most popular sport around.  It combines the thrills of acceleration with the peaceful experience that will be the talk of your vacation. No need to get wet unless you tell the Captain you would like to be "dipped"! Just sit back, relax and enjoy! 

No training required, our friendly and experienced Captain and crew will do all the work to ensure your comfort and safety.  Our captain has over 20 years experience and is one of the best in the business!

Bring your friends and family of all ages and go for one of the most amazing rides of your life!

Check back for our Photo and video packages coming soon!

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